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At Original Logic, we help clients get past the technology of the Internet to take advantage of this medium. Original Logic has been in the systems design business since 1988 and expanded its scope to the Internet in 1995. The principals of OLinc, Tim McKenna and Gaby Mann, have among them been designing, programming, and managing systems for over twenty years and have seven years' experience as Internet project managers and site designers. We worked in the Greater Toronto Area for too long and have now escaped to New Brunswick.

Original Logic's Approach

We make sure what we do with computers fits what you do with your business. Systems are not collections of computer programs but how people work with tools in an environment. Only some of those tools are computer programs (sometimes it's better manually). The environment extends outside the computer room, and with the Internet, outside the client’s company. For example, a web site is often part of other business systems and is always part of the marketing and strategic plan.

Most computer systems focus internally on their own content, not externally toward the business context in which they operate. Original Logic practices “systems thinking” (Senge) to identify the environment and how it will be changed by the proposed system. This is because the solution to the problem changes the problem. We employ concepts of performance centred design (Gery) to help clients create “digital bulldozers” (Dertouzos) that solve old business problems without creating new ones.

Our Clients

Go to Top of Page    Trent Hills Physician Recruitment and Retention Task Force
Attracting family physicians to a trio of small communities in near-eastern Ontario on behalf of a best-practices community committee supported by Campbellford Memorial Hospital and the Municipality of Trent Hills
Go to Top of Page    Northumberland Economic Partnership
Research and development of the Northumberland Community Profile, a detailed profile of the county and each of its municipalities ( Alderville First Nation, Cramahe, Alnwick-Haldimand, Hamilton, Brighton, Port Hope, Cobourg, Trent Hills )
Go to Top of Page    Measuredmarkets Inc.
Measuredmarkets offers a sophisticated stock market analysis service delivered to subscribers over the Web.
Go to Top of Page   Town of Port Hope and Hope*
As Economic Development Officer, promoting the Town using a wide variety of media (including a comprehensive web site) was the background to responsibilities that ranged from marketing to project, volunteer and data management.
Go to Top of Page    Roche Canada*
The Roche Canada web site offers on-line access to drug information for the Canadian public and a secure section of the site gives health care professionals full product monographs, answers to frequently asked drug information questions, and allows for adverse event reporting. The project comprised over 2,000 bilingual web pages.
Go to Top of Page    Virtual Billboard Network*
- the evolution of advertising on the Internet - Java delivery of advertising content! The Virtual Billboard Network was purchased by Engage in May 2000.
Go to Top of Page    Mark Winter Associates*
- object technology specialists. OLinc created their first web presence. The site has since been revised by their own web deity.
Go to Top of Page    Media Matrix
- specializing in employee communications.
Go to Top of Page    Adamson Systems Engineering
- manufacturers of loudspeakers for medium and large scale installations where quality sound is a must, like at Pavarotti concerts.
Go to Top of Page    Andrews' Shoes
- specializing in high-quality shoes and hard-to-fit sizes.
Go to Top of Page    Bravado!*
- design, manufacture and distribute nursing / maternity bras. Their site provides product information with mail order capability. Original site design by OLinc.
Go to Top of Page    The Great Canadian Bug Show*
- In our nine-year association with the Great Canadian Bug Show, Original Logic produced the show's original sites (1996-99), designed the show's cash management system, provided bookkeeping services, and participated in the event's organization and marketing.
Go to Top of Page    1956 Mercedes-Benz 300C
- Proof of the power of the Net: this vehicle was sold because of its web page. We miss this classic car!
Go to Top of Page    Tuesday Night Singers
- just a simple page to distribute some music.

The Principals

Go to Top of Page  Business Systems and Computer Consulting

Timothy J. McKenna has been working with people and their computers since the late 1970's, almost all of that time as a consultant. He has designed systems for clients in the import/distribution, manufacturing, service and financial sectors. His strengths are in business systems analysis, computer systems design and information services strategic planning. Upon completing a contract with JVC Canada as Information Services Manager, he was granted a mid-life sabbatical by OLinc to complete his B.Sc. in Computer Studies and Psychology at Trent University. Since then, Tim has been a full time professor at Seneca College's School of Computer Studies, where he programs programmers. Review his resume or View Tim McKenna's profile on LinkedIn Linked in profile

Go to Top of Page  Web Site Design and Project Management

Gabriela Mann has been working on the Internet since the web was young. During that time, she has managed the introduction of the Durham Free-Net, supervised the building of the Virtual Billboard Network and designed the many significant web sites noted above. With her MBA, twelve years' marketing experience and small business consulting expertise, her forte is strategic planning and project management. Most recently, she applied this expertise as Economic Development Officer (and webmaster) for the Town of Port Hope. Review her resume.

Original Logic is assisted by database experts, graphics designers and HTML coding staff from associated firms.

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